Maple Syrup Info

How Maple Syrup is Produced

We collect the fresh Maple sap during the spring when the temperature during the day is above freezing and is below freezing at night.  This is when the Maple sap will flow out of the tree.

When the sap is flowing out of the maple tree it contains anywhere from 1% to 6% sugar.  The finished maple syrup is 66-67% sugar.  What that means is that to produce one gallon of syrup, 43 gallons of sap with 2% sugar content is needed.  So, 42 gallons of water must be removed from the initial 43 gallons of sap.

How do you do that?  Boil it… and boil it… and boil it….

Sap becomes syrup at approximately 7 1/4 degrees F above the boiling point of water.  Because air pressure determines the actual temperature at which water boils the temperature to make syrup can vary slightly.

Nothing else is added to the syrup it is 100% natural sweetness.